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The power of Battery Metals investing

Offering Securities Token backed by Battery Metals and e-minerals

Swiss EMX exchange

The demand for e-minerals is set to explode

Batteries, the Fourth Industrial Revolution, electric vehicles, IoT devices, renewable energy, and automation technologies will lead to a surge in the demand for e-minerals and Battery Metals, such as Lithium, Graphite, Cobalt, and Nickel and create a $200 billion dollar industry.

This is an incredible opportunity for investment but there’s just one problem…

Demand race for e-minerals

Investing in e-minerals is out of reach for most

London Metals Exchange

Unless you are lucky enough to have a few million spare to spend on membership fees with existing commodities exchanges you won’t be able to invest directly in e-minerals. Currently mineral trading is dominated by a handful of special interests. There are just 9 ring members on the London Metals Exchange and 30 outer ring members who can trade via those 9. In short, you probably won’t be able to invest in e-minerals, Until now that is.

Introducing Swiss EMX

We are leveraging blockchain technology to open up e-mineral investing to everyone using a custom built Swiss commodities exchange. We can directly issue securities backed by real physical commodities by using a Security Token. This gives you the opportunity to invest in the Fourth Industrial Revolution and provides e-mineral companies with the liquidity they need to meet rising demand.

Swiss e-Minerals eXchange

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The Graphite Token

Commodity Backed Token

We plan to have a range of tokens covering all e-minerals but we open with the C12 Graphite Token

  • Each C12 Graphite Token entitles the holder to 1KG of Graphite
  • The real graphite asset provides a reliable price floor to the token, it can never be worth substantially less than the underlying graphite (arbitrage opportunity)
  • The Graphite Token is the world’s first security token 100% backed by an Industrial Commodity asset
  • The Security Token can provide value above and beyond the underlying asset

Who do we empower?

  • Blockchain Investors will have an opportunity to take part in the fourth industrial revolution backed by real physical assets
  • e-mineral traders can trade cheaper, faster, and more easily than ever before
  • Manufacturers will streamline the physical delivery of e-minerals with full price transparency and lower cost
  • Commodity Mines can access cheaper capital much faster
Who Swiss EMX is for


Swiss EMX Roadmap

We are launching and issuing the world’s first graphite security token in June followed by all the other e-minerals and battery metals commodities as securities tokens. The Swiss e-minerals eXchange will be launched by mid 2022.

Team & Advisors

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