Join our Stable Coin Offer.

    Battery Metals investing made easy

    The Electric Vehicle revolution, powered by batteries, is causing an exponential upwards demand pressure on Battery Metals, making them interesting investment opportunities.

    We enable investing into Battery Metals by offering Stable Coins backed by commodities such as Graphite, Lithium, Nickel, Manganese and Cobalt.

    Graphite Coin

    We will cover all Battery Metals, each commodity with its own cryptocurrency (a stable coin).

    C12 Graphite Coin is our first commodity backed coin:

    • Each C12 Graphite Coin entitles the holder to 1KG of Graphite
    • The Graphite asset backing the coin, provides a reliable value to the coin
    • The Graphite Coin is the world’s first Stable Coin 100% backed by Graphite

    What is Swiss EMX?

    We are leveraging blockchain technology to open up Battery Metals investing and physical trading to everyone. We are issuing Stable Coins backed by real physical commodities, linked to their market price and offering physical delivery.

    These Stable Coins are then enabled to trade on our crypto currency exchange, with access for all who passes KYC/AML controls to trade.

    Who do we empower?

    • Blockchain Investors will have an opportunity to take part in the Electric Vehicle Revolution powered by batteries; investing in the physical commodities used in batteries
    • Commodities (paper) traders can trade cheaper, faster, and more easily than ever before
    • Manufacturers can streamline the physical delivery of battery metals with full price transparency and lower cost